It's our First Ever Birthday Week: Save Up to 50% Off

It's our First Ever Birthday Week: Save Up to 50% Off

Today's weather forecast: 50% rain and up to 50% off your pair (or pairs) of SKYE shoes. To celebrate our first ever birthday, this is our gift to you. Whether you are longing for the Lons, wishing for the Powll, or eying the Rbutus, now’s the time to get your #feetintheSKYE. From now until Sunday, March 4*, save up to 50% on your favourite pair of SKYE shoes. Jump right into it because the clock is ticking.

 *Promotion ends Sunday, March 4, 2018 at 11:59PM, PST

The ELEMENTAL Collection

Sealed in damp-defending winterized glazing, weather any weather with the shoes from our ELEMENTAL collection so you can brave the elements to look fly and stay dry at the same time. 


Rbutus EL - Winterized Runner Style

Rbutus EL: Winterized Runner Style, for comfort in any conditions 

Shop the Rbutus EL


Powll EL: Mod Dessert Boot-Style Sneaker


The Original Collection

Our Original Collection is where style meets true comfort. Inspired by the elements of the West Coast and named after neighbourhoods in our home (Vancouver, B.C.), each of the 3 unique styles is made for day, night, and always, so you can wear them with any outfit for any occasion, any time of the day. 


The Rbutus: Ultra-Soft Runner-Style Walking Shoe

The Powll: Mod Desert Boot-Style Sneaker, Nighttime Chukka



The Lons: Loafer-Sneaker, Modern Mariner


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