Run, relax, ride, repeat.

This is the good life.

Always on the move, always in the mood.

We love the athleisure life. You’re always ready to be active while being dressed for any occasion, from work to the outdoors to hitting the gym.

Athleisure footwear lives on.

There’s nothing better than a busy day where you can walk everywhere you need to be.

Athleisure is less a style and more of a lifestyle. Our definition states that movement and activity can be seamlessly integrated into everything you do in a day – your life requires motion and you’re better for it.

SKYE designs all products to promote movement, it’s a functional priority. And the unisex aesthetic ensures that wherever you go, whatever you wear, you’ll look just right and be ready to move.


The Original Collection is a series dedicated to the beautiful marriage of urban life and natural landscapes from the Pacific Northwest.

The Rbutus

Inspired by yoga, spin class, Kits beach, and walking through the rich city greenery.

The Powll

Inspired by patios, boutique shopping, Gastown grit, and staying out all night.

The Lons

Inspired by the marina, the pier, the Quay, and the scents of oceanside.


Ergonomically engineered to pair with any outfit so you can easily switch from play to work. And maybe back to play again.

The Rbutus EL

Inspired by everything from Kits beach walks to city hikes, from barre classes to bar hopping

The Powll EL

Inspired by boutique lights, a Gastown night and anywhere it may take you.


With its lightweight design, this collection makes your active lifestyle look easy while you look good doing it.

The Stnley

Inspired by magical trails, the Seawall shore and the endless ocean beyond.

The Pembrtn

Inspired by dense forests, rugged living and a return to basics.


These shoes, made entirely of plastic, make sure that your adventurous spirit doesn’t take a day off for the weather.

The Mobrly

A 100% recycled plastic sneaker made for 100% confidence to take on the Vancouver rain.