What exactly are the materials?

Unlike some of today’s lite shoes, we have a very specific mix of multiple materials. The main fabric on the upper is made of lycra, like yoga pants, but much thicker and stronger, and still with lots of stretch. The second fabric on the upper is microfiber leather, which is a non-woven manmade material that is more durable and a lighter carbon footprint.

The insole is made of PU, a polyurethane, and is 100% biodegradable. The outsole is a composite of rubber foam (EVA) and natural rubber pods. EVA is recyclable material, and the natural rubber is 100% biodegradable.

What are the shoes made of?

We’ve mentioned a few times having multiple manufacturers working together for the perfect dose of super-comfy.

Our shoe manufacturers are in Vietnam, and our team has visited each of them multiple times to ensure better-than-good facilities, great working conditions for our factory team, and to agree to the promise that after launch we’re putting a pair of SKYE shoes on every worker to deliver on the idea of true comfort.

And, all of our research and designs are done here at home in Vancouver.

What should I wear with my SKYE shoes?

Great question, glad you asked.
Our full website will be ready in the New Year, complete with pairing recommendations for each model, and colourway. But we’ll admit, we’ve found a pair to go nicely with every pair of shorts, tights, trousers, dungarees, underwear, joggers, crazy socks, every skirt, dress, and even slacks. We trust you’ll enjoy the matching as we have.

Are SKYE shoes waterproof?

SKYE shoes are water repellent, but not 100% waterproof. The 4-way stretch material is designed with a layer of synthetic rubber in between the upper fabric and lining for protection. In light rain season, like it is now in Vancouver, your feet will stay dry and warm. And because of this special layer the upper fabric can get soaked in water and still dry faster than a normal shoe.