Good vibes feel great.

It’s more than physical.

Feeling good starts with where you stand.

That means buying a product for its conscience as much as its comfort.


We’re on a mission to deliver unconditional comfort.

We mean that in every way. From the physical feeling to the soul of each corporate principle, it all affects how you feel about your footwear.

Our founder, Gary, always had one speed; he was a busy person, motoring in 5th gear, and always on his feet. Everyday was filled with travelling, walking, working, hiking, hustling and bustling – he lived (and still lives) a life on-the-go. The problem was, his favorite shoes looked great, but weren’t designed to be worn for busy folks who live life in motion. And the shoes that promised comfort, well, they just didn’t look right when it was time to go from the the office to the park, or to the pub.

So, SKYE was created. Our team has set out to make shoes that do comfort like we dreamed. A beautiful everyday shoe that can be worn for countless hours, at work or at play, designed for the ergonomics of the human foot and its role supporting the whole human body. And it has to be a shoe that cares for the planet.

Every SKYE sneaker and sneaker boot is a high-performance shoe made convenient without traditional laces, engineered ergonomically for real feet, designed for the unpredictable day of the athleisure lifestyle, and made sustainably from biodegradable, recyclable, and/or recycled materials.

We love walking this planet. And we’re thankful for it, so we show appreciation as we go.

The theme that binds our team is unconditional comfort: feeling good, looking good, and doing good.

We believe that happy, healthy people inspire happy, healthy people. And that’s a world we like to live in.