Unleash the laceless.

We’re done with knots. Done.

From functional design, a distinct new look is born.

The Loop-Lok was inspired by stand-up paddleboarding for its nimbleness and ease. Little did we know, a staple our identity emerged.

No-tie laceless sneakers and sneaker boots.

Why laceless? Why laces? We like the idea of less time tying knots and more time on the move. You’ll love the ease of making these snug.


The original laceless design, our pioneer, uses
a cable system inspired by stand-up paddleboarding. It’s our patented Loop-Lok technology. It keeps the upper nicely tight while you’re walking, but with a little tug on the outsole, loosens enough so the sneaker slides right off.

These styles use the laceless Loop-Lok technology.


The laceless design made specifically for our sneaker boots includes a 3x wrap around
the ankle. This provides extra ankle support for light hikes, walks in the park, or if you want to snug that sneaker boot upper to tuck your pant cuffs for aesthetic.

These styles use the no-tie pull and tug system.


It’s a topside no-tie lace system that includes a fastening clip that instantly tightens or loosens the grip on this waterproof sneaker.

These styles use the no-tie pinch-clip system.