Sustainable, Comfortable, High-Performance Sneakers & Sneaker-Boots.

The future of athleisure.

Eco-friendly, laceless sneakers.

The Sneaker-Boot Collection

The Sneaker-Boot Collection combines city style with hardcore brawn. These two limited-edition sneakers are designed with military-grade materials to stand-up to the elements—we’re talking rain, snow, wind, and cold—and look good while they're at it.


Vegan Footwear

No animal products in these puppies.

Our shoes are made without using any animal products or processes.

Sustainable Design

Made with recyclable, recycled and biodegradable materials. 

From natural rubber to recycled plastic water bottle, we focus on eco-friendly materials. 

Engineered Ergonomics

Designed to make the whole body smile all day.

Our sneakers are designed for your feet, and for carrying you around all day.

Laceless Convenience

Loop-Lok technology so you're never tied down.

Save tiem with easy-on and easy-off, and they ensure a nice snug fit on your feet.

Machine Washable

Just one more thing to add to the laundry list.

Wash on cold, light agitation, not with your delicates, and no ironing needed ;).

West Coast

Inspired by the ocean, mountains, and life outdoors.

What can we say, we're lucky to live where we do, and our shoes celebrate that.