Stnley Sneaker Boot Orca Black sustainable recycled plastic by SKYE Footwear
Stnley Sneaker Boot Raincity Grey sustainable recycled plastic by SKYE Footwear
Stnley Sneaker Boot Meteor Black sustainable recycled plastic by SKYE Footwear
The Stnley
The Stnley
The Stnley
The Stnley
$ 140.00 USD

The Stnley

Mud. Mountains. Gravel. 🏕️⛰️

The outdoors. The city streets. The muddy forests.

  • Vegan and Sustainable
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Pull and tug no-tie lace system made from recycled plastic water bottles
  • 100% Biodegradable insole
  • Outer material made from recycled plastic water bottles
  • Custom deep gel impact insole
  • Natural Rubber Treads
  • Temperature regulated membrane

Suitable for:

 ✅ Hiking, outdoor use

 ✅ Mountain climbing

 ✅ Camping

 ✅ Trekking

 ✅ City Walking

A runner and a hiker had a baby; meet Stnley, the sneaker-boot. Styled for the city, engineered for the park. Look sharp while your feet stay dry and cozy. Pairs well with whatever you wear to brave the cold; tights, jeans, joggers, or nothing at all.

The Stnley is a super light sneaker-boot with SKYE Foam outsole, soft and grippy. The Pull and tug no-tie lace are adjustable for fit, along with a side-zip and 4-way stretch booty for comfort.

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Raincity Grey
Orca Black
Meteor Black

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Rugged Warrior

We mimicked this method to weatherproof the sneaker-boots. The Samurai armor, specifically from the Heian period, know as"Dou", would perform beautifully. The Japanese armor makers used leather as the prime protector, with lacquer being used to weatherproof the armor parts.


Explore the outdoors, city streets and muddy forest trails. Military-grade Cordura is tied in with eco-friendly materials. This shoe is built like a tank, but feels just as light as your favorite sneakers. Made from recycled plastic water bottle, vegan friendly.

Military-grade Cordura

We incorporated this ballistic fabric that is densely woven to create a high-strength nylon fabric. The fabric has exceptional abrasion, tear and puncture resistance, and it is designed for maximum durability and long-lasting performance. The fabric is usually only used in high-performance outdoor winter gears. We are one of the few companies to apply it on footwear.

Inspired By Formula One Tires

To provide the ultimate outsole grip, we analyzed the different sipping patterns on Formula One tires. We found a unique water-flushing pattern that performed well in rainy and snowy conditions. We combined this pattern with a sawtooth profile to provide excellent grip in all types of weather. 

Hidden YKK Zipper

Choose your fit and keep out snow, water and dirt.

A discrete YKK zipper closure system located on the side of the shoe provides function and style. We blend our modified slip-on system with modern materials to maintain a stylish boot silhouette.

Wear it your way,  loose fit(unzipped) or tapered fit(zipped).

Reinforced Toebox

TPU mudguard protection.

The sneaker-boots are waterproof and snowproof. 

Not only is the entire shoe welded TPR for weather protection, but it also keeps water out with a waterproof YKK zipper. The weatherproof material also has insulating layer keeping your toes warm from the cold and snow.

Shock Absorption and Springy Steps

The SKYE Impact + Rebound Insole is a market-leading insole. It’s designed to function and feel like a gel bed with a rebounder.

The SKYE Impact portion is a built-in deep gel heel cup for impact absorption in the heel strike zone, for shock relief in the knees and ankles. And the SKYE Rebound area is engineered with a springy tough gel to keep a natural bounce in your step, to keep you on the move.

The mid-arch is crafted for responsive anatomical support, relieving stress put on the feet while you’re on the go. And there’s an anti-stink layer to prevent the growth of odor‑causing bacteria.

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