For feet with big souls.

Connecting with the earth
(get it?)

Eco-friendly sneakers made with biodegradable, vegan materials.

We have no greater respect than for the planet. We make shoes admiring the stunning beauty the Pacific Northwest gifts us everyday.

Designing sustainable footwear is the standard.

Exploring the future of sustainability is part of what get us out of bed. It’s part of the norm of designing footwear for the future.


We spend countless hours designing the shoes for when you’re wearing them, what about after that?

The SKYE team ensures all our shoes are made with the product afterlife in mind. All our products are made using biodegradable and recyclable materials. And they’re vegan, no hoofed leather footprint here.

This is what the anatomy of a sustainable SKYE sneaker or sneaker boot might look like.

The uppers of our shoes are made with a type of lycra – yep, just like your yoga pants – but much thicker and stronger, and still with lots of stretch. They also use a non-woven manmade microfibre leather, more durable than real leather and with a lighter carbon footprint (them cows are gassy).

On our sneakers, the outer material is actually made from recycled plastic water bottles.

Our outsoles are made of a recyclable EVA rubber foam. The base pods are made from a sustainably-sourced, 100% biodegradable natural rubber.

Our patented Loop-Lok is a no-tie lace system made from recycled plastic water bottles.

Our insole is made of PU, a polyurethane, and it’s 100% biodegradable. It ends where it began.


All our products are made at select factories, and we’re on the ground there, so there are no unknown partners in the supply chain.

We control every part of the R&D, design, engineering, prototyping, trials, and production. It gives us control of all the inputs, material decisions and ensures transparency when it comes to how our sneakers are made.

This also comes down to ensuring we have a well-treated, happy workforce. To start, they’re all wearing SKYE shoes. We ensure equal pay and fair working conditions.

All of the packaging used to house SKYE sneakers and sneaker boots is made from recycled cardboard and paper, printed with inks and finishes that don’t render the boxes unrecyclable.


As a population, we’re just scratching the surface on sustainability. SKYE is proud to be pushing for innovation and improvement.

A waterproof sneaker made entirely from recycled plastic. Is it possible? We’re working on it, and it’s almost ready.

We can’t imagine where we’ll get next. The future of sustainable footwear is looking bright. We hope to all be walking all parts of this beautiful planet for a very long time.