Earth Compadre

We experience real natural beauty every day; we're from the West Coast. While we deliver comfort to the feet and bodies of our wearers everywhere, we create amazing footwear making sure this stunning planet is looked after. 

That’s why our shoes and all our packaging products are designed to be sustainable, made vegan, and every effort is made to be biodegradable and recyclable. We're mindful of our carbon footprint.

The shoe uppers use man-made material, meaning they have a substantially lower carbon impact than natural materials. The SKYE Impact + Rebound insole and the outsole are 100% biodegradable. And the lovely SKYE Foam outsole is completely recyclable. 

But it can’t stop there. With every pair of shoes, every process, and every passing day we’re looking for better ways to deliver true comfort in a sustainable way.

Folks to Please

From the designer’s desk, to the shipping room, to the factory floor, it will take a combination of important individuals, characters, men, women, machines, and other contributors to make up our unique flavour and DNA.

And the comfort of our extended team is as important when collaborating and creating as it is when our wearers are wearing, so, they’re all going to be wearing SKYE shoes. As we have to date, our commitment is keeping closely involved in all our manufacturing practices and supply chain processes to ensure pride worldwide.