Our History

Our History

The Beginning

We’ve spent the better part of 3 years tinkering and prototyping to find the perfect mix of design features to deliver exceptional foot and body comfort. It's been quite a journey, and here's how it started.


Logo Evolution

Well, it didn't start with a logo, but this is where our logo started. Our patented Loop-Lok serves as inspiration for the letterforms, and specifically the connection of the K and Y. See it?

Add in a splash of SKYE blue, and sunset orange, and you've got the very first SKYE logo.

Real Inspiration

We’re mostly busy folks. Always travelling, working, bustling, and always on our feet. But we were constantly left brokenhearted when our crazy little lifestyle didn’t jive with our favorite pairs of shoes – great looks yet tired feet, sad knees, and stinky socks. We were begging for comfort.

A Solution Is Born

So, we set out to make shoes that do comfort like we dreamed. A beautiful everyday shoe that pairs with every outfit (the mark of a true favorite), is built for real comfort and long, long wearing.

Onward, Upward, SKYEward

And now, we've spent over 3 years designing and redesigning, searching and testing materials, never sacrificing comfort, never sacrificing style, never at the expense of poor labor conditions, and never at the cost of our precious planet.

We're just getting started.