The Rbutus EL
The Rbutus ELThe Rbutus ELThe Rbutus ELThe Rbutus ELThe Rbutus ELThe Rbutus ELThe Rbutus EL
$ 120.00 USD$ 110.00 USD
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Fabric That Hugs Your Feet

Warrior runner style, for comfort in the cold; all night or day. Great for hikes, bikes, and getting likes. Pairs well with anything showing a little ankle; joggers, wild tights, good denim, and even rolled up slacks.

 Our ultra-comfort urban runner revamped for the elements. Foam rubber outsole, built-in deep gel insole, airy shape-fit upper, snug Loop-Lok laceless hold—all sealed in damp-defending winterized glazing.

We have created the most comfortable cushion shoe system that hugs your feet like a glove. With ultra bouncy midsoles and 4-way stretch uppers, you’ll be choosing these over your slippers.

No More Wet Socks

This is your damp defender.It’s a shape-fit upper with 4-way stretch, additive winterized glazing on the microfiber-strength fabric. Your feet feel like they never left home.

 This feature is great for the mean seasons, featured on the ELEMENTAL Collection, a sneaker series with overlay moisture protection, resistance for water and snow, and better breathability for your feet.

You Won't Want To Wear Anything Else

The everyday athleisure shoe designed to reinvent the way you move. From work to workout, and errands to date night, the ELEMENTAL was made to move you through every aspect of your busy day, comfortably, sustainably, and in style.

Using eco-friendly materials the shoe is sustainable in its entirety with a biodegradable insole and no-tie Loop-lok lace system made from recycled plastic water bottles.

Built With Biodegradable Materials

  • Vegan and Sustainable
  • Water resistant
  • ELEMENTAL Mudguard protection
  • Loop-Lok lace system made from recycled plastic water bottles
  • Biodegradable insole4-way stretch material
  • Custom deep gel impact insole
  • Natural rubber treadsMachine washable

Versatile Everyday Wear

The SKYE Impact + Rebound Insole is a market-leading insole. It’s designed to function and feel like a gel bed with a rebounder.The SKYE Impact portion is a built-in deep gel heel cup for impact absorption in the heel strike zone, for shock relief in the knees and ankles.

And the SKYE Rebound area is engineered with a springy tough gel to keep a natural bounce in your step, to keep you on the move.The mid-arch is crafted for responsive anatomical support, relieving stress put on the feet while you’re on the go. And there’s an anti-stink layer to prevent the growth of odor‑causing bacteria.

Walking On Clouds

This is your ground warrior – the part of a SKYE sneaker that makes the earth feel like clouds.The midsole is our ultra-soft, shock-absorbing foam rubber base; our own patented design.

The pillow-like EVA cushion compresses with every step and reforms back to full shape for seamlessly soft heel‑to‑toe movements.And it’s super light. Like walking on air.

Slick Silhouette

This is what makes a SKYE shoe feel like a perfectlyfitting glove, a natural extension of your body.The material-mix for the shape-fit upper gives true 4-way stretch for a premium form-fit feeling.

The breezybreathable fabric feels like air to the toes, while themicrofiber structure retains strength and support in itsgrip for a gently snug hug.Your feet still think they’re naked.

Pair With Any Outfit

We love the athleisure life. You’re always ready tobe active while being dressed for any occasion,from work to the outdoors to hitting the gym.Athleisure is less a style and more of a lifestyle.

Ourdefinition states that movement and activity can beseamlessly integrated into everything you do in a day– your life requires motion and you’re better for it.SKYE designs all products to promote movement, it’sa functional priority. And the unisex aesthetic ensuresthat wherever you go, whatever you wear, you’ll lookjust right and be ready to move.

Designed In British Columbia, Canada

We’re design focused, and obsessed about quality. We don’t think about how we can make comfortable shoes, but rather THE most comfortable shoes, period. SKYE shoes are meant to withstand everything your busy life throws at them.

What We Believe In

We believe in creating products that make peoples’ lives better. Your go-to shoes you wear for a walk on the trails, for a date in the city, for a shopping trip on the weekends. We hope you enjoy wearing them as much as we’ve loved designing them.

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Return shipping is prepaid, so you can easily exchange or return as needed. Any products returned within 30 days will be fully refunded, so long as there is no evidence of fraud or abuse. 

 Not sure about the best size for you? Order a couple pairs and return the ones that don’t fit at no cost for orders over $200*. 

We’ll refund the difference.


SKYE Footwear models fit nice and snug, so if you’re between sizes, we suggest you size up.

Not sure about the best size for you? Order a couple pairs and return the ones that don’t fit at no cost for orders over $200*.

We’ll refund the difference. 

*$8 shipping will be charged for orders under $200 within the US and Canada. 

 *Our shoes fits nice and sung. The provided measurement are true to inside space, it is highly recommended to have extra 1.5-2 cm of space in length. 

Our shoes are sleek in deign, even with a sized up it will not be bulky or too big.


Ground shipping is free anywhere in Canada and the United States for all orders over $200 USD. 

For lesser orders, there are Ground or Express shipping options. Your order will be shipped within 48 hours of being received, outside of weekends and holidays. 

Shipping can take as little as 1-3 days, though ground shipping can take 5-7 business days.Please be advised, we cannot ship to PO boxes.



Within the first 30 days, if there are any manufacturing-related issues with the shoes, simply let us know and we’ll get you a new pair of foot happiness ASAP.

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The Rbutus EL
$ 120.00 USD$ 110.00 USD


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