True Comfort

True Comfort

Comfort Looks Good

We cracked the style vs. science enigma: a good-looking shoe can be smart for the feet too. We created SKYE Footwear, based on the idea of True Comfort: engineered ergonomic shoe design, futurist styles that look great, the proper treatment of people along the way, and care and love for our planet. These are the 4 pillars of True Comfort.


A recipe for happy bodies

Athleisure brands today don’t use the whole shoe to deliver supreme physical comfort. We’ve spent 18 months and endured hundreds of tests to make the right mix: our shoes’ upper material, the laceless hold system, the outsole, and the insole work together holistically.

Feel amazing looking amazing

Your feet can only feel great when they know the rest of you looks good in the mirror. Our 3 styles and colorways are designed to pair with a complete range of outfits, from near-formal to total-casual, uptown or downtown, day or night.

People pleasing

From the designer’s desk, to the shipping department, to the factory floor, it takes a wild combination of important individuals, characters, men, women, machines, and other contributors to make up our unique flavour and DNA. And their happiness and comfort are critical too. So, they’re all wearing SKYE shoes.

There’s just one

Our planet is truly unbelievable. We get to experience real natural beauty every day; we're from the West Coast. And it’s important that while we deliver comfort to the feet and happy bodies of our wearers everywhere, we do it wanting to make sure this stunning planet is looked after. We can’t ignore the consequences of our human actions. That’s why our shoes and all our packaging products are designed to be minimum-use, made animal-free, and every effort is made to be biodegradable and recyclable.