The Lons (Limited Edition)
The Lons (Limited Edition)
The Lons (Limited Edition)
$ 85.00 USD

The Lons (Limited Edition)

  • Vegan and Sustainable
  • Loop-Lok lace system made from recycled plastic water bottles
  • Biodegradable insole
  • 4-way stretch material
  • Custom deep gel impact insole
  • Natural rubber treads
  • Machine washable

The Lons is a marine classic for modern urbanites. Cool and casual. Great for boardwalks, top decks, and beach indulgence. Pairs perfectly with your closet-country-club get-up, your yacht ensemble, or easily with high-ankle denim or dungarees.

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Everyday Wear

The everyday athleisure shoe designed to reinvent the way you move. From work to workout, and errands to date night, the Rbutus was made to move you through every aspect of your busy day, comfortably, sustainably, and in style. Using eco-friendly materials the shoe is sustainable in its entirety with a biodegradable insole and no-tie Loop-lok lace system made from recycled plastic water bottles.

Premium Fabric

We have created the most comfortable cushion shoe system that hugs your feet like a glove. With ultra bouncy midsoles and 4-way stretch uppers, you’ll be choosing these over your slippers.

Loop-Lok Laceless System

We’re done with laces. This bungee-cable system keeps the shoe nicely snug.

The Loop-Lok is inspired by stand-up paddle boarding, where movement and flexibility, combined with reliability and strength, is key. The laceless system makes sure your feet are always snug, but while the sneakers are easy to slip on and slip off.

4-Way Stretch Upper

This is what makes a SKYE shoe feel like a perfectly fitting glove, a natural extension of your body.

The material-mix for the shape-fit upper gives true 4-way stretch for a premium form-fit feeling. The breezy breathable fabric feels like air to the toes, while the microfiber structure retains strength and support in its grip for a gently snug hug. Your feet still think they’re naked.

SKYE Foam Outsole

This is your ground warrior – the part of a SKYE sneaker that makes the earth feel like clouds.

The midsole is our ultra-soft, shock-absorbing foam rubber base; our own patented design. The pillow-like EVA cushion compresses with every step and reforms back to full shape for seamlessly soft

heel-to-toe movements.

And it’s super light. Like walking on air.

SKYE Impact + Rebound Insole

The SKYE Impact + Rebound Insole is a market-leading insole. It’s designed to function and feel like a gel bed with a rebounder.

The SKYE Impact portion is a built-in deep gel heel cup for impact absorption in the heel strike zone, for shock relief in the knees and ankles. And the SKYE Rebound area is engineered with a springy tough gel to keep a natural bounce in your step, to keep you on the move.

The mid-arch is crafted for responsive anatomical support, relieving stress put on the feet while you’re on the go. And there’s an anti-stink layer to prevent the growth of odor‑causing bacteria.

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