A Reintroduction to SKYE Footwear

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SKYE Footwear is a Vancouver, British Columbian footwear brand born out of a passion for sleek, versatile sneakers that provide comfort - not solely style. And at the same time, we hope to tackle some of the sustainability concerns in the industry by trying our hand at unconventional methods and materials.  

Our founder, Gary Chang, has spent years coming up with a formula that delivers aesthetically-pleasing yet ergonomic footwear. It all started over a decade ago in a job that required standing and walking all day, most days. He realized that in order to feel more comfortable being on his feet all day, he’d have to resort to donning the clunky runners you’d find on your grandpa’s shoe rack; but if he wanted to look cooler, he’d have to endure the pain and soreness in his feet, knees, and lower back. It was a lose-lose. Gary had always been a bit of a sneakerhead, but it wasn’t until five years ago that he realized what he was looking for didn’t exist and decided to take a risk and jump head-first into the shoe industry with SKYE Footwear.

Crafting and designing a shoe that is comfortable on hours end, a good look for the gym, work, and drinks, and environmentally-conscious was destined to be a challenge. But if you don’t try, you will never succeed. 

Although, in his mind, still far from the perfect shoe, there has been progress towards making each style and each pair even better than the last. And we thank you for being part of this journey with us. We continue to commit ourselves to producing shoes that make both you and us look good, feel good, do good.

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