Stomp Out Algae Blooms with Local Vancouver Brand's New Kickstarter Campaign for the Mobrly Shoe

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Whistler White Mobrly

Vancouver-based SKYE Footwear's New Carbon-Neutral, Eco-friendly and Waterproof Shoe, The Mobrly, Makes a Splash of a Debut on Kickstarter with Algae-Technology and Proceeds to Support the Vancouver Aquarium and its Ocean Wise® Conservation Programs

Launching a new product during a global pandemic is no easy feat, but SKYE Footwear's introduction of their new shoe style is an important catalyst for environmental advocacy and community support during these times.

“The Mobrly is our first waterproof sneaker that is versatile for all weather and terrain, and at the same time, walks the talk in multiple ways", says SKYE Footwear's Founder and Vancouverite, Gary Chang. Made from vegan materials and recycled plastic, the Mobrly is engineered with the environment in mind; but the most striking characteristic is BLOOM's algae technology in the shoe's foam insole.

Algae blooms are a major environmental concern due to its impacts on freshwater and marine ecosystems. Harmful algae blooms secrete toxins into the water supply which can be poisonous when consumed by animals or humans. The accumulation of algae blooms also depletes underwater oxygen sources which instigate massive marine die-offs and negatively affects clean water sources.

SKYE Footwear offsets the impact of algae blooms by employing BLOOM's algae technology into the Mobrly's insole. BLOOM harvests and removes excess algae from the ecosystem and transforms it into a carbon-neutral foam. Using BLOOM's algae technology, the production of the Mobrly creates a carbon-neutral effect and is a step towards thoughtful, sustainable practices.

Chang explains, "As a product that alleviates toxins from the water ecosystem and promotes healthy oceans and marine life, the alignment with the Vancouver Aquarium and Ocean Wise® is only natural. We believe in contributing to a sustainable future and supporting local, community organizations in order to increase consumers’ awareness of their impacts to the ecosystem. Consumers can feel good knowing that they are doing good. This is our way of trying to make a difference, one shoe at a time."

The SKYE Footwear campaign takes place from July 28th through to mid-September, with pledge levels starting at $79 per pair. For every pledge of the Mobrly on Kickstarter, SKYE Footwear will donate $1 towards saving the Vancouver Aquarium with a goal of $25,000 by the end of the campaign. The Mobrly comes in Orca Black or Whistler White, in recognition of SKYE Footwear’s home roots, with features that include a no tie Lace-Lok system, four-way traction grip, and waterproof military-grade ballistic nylon.


SKYE Footwear is a Vancouver-based brand specializing in comfortable, stylish, and sustainably engineered athleisure shoes.  On a mission to deliver unconditional comfort, SKYE Footwear has designed versatile, lightweight shoes with laceless technology made sustainably from biodegradable, recyclable, and or recycled materials.  Unconditional comfort means feeling good, looking good, and doing good.  Happy, healthy people inspire happy, healthy people; and that’s a world we like to live in.

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