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Photo Courtesy: Danica Tan


At the age of 21, fashion / beauty / lifestyle influencer and YouTuber, Danica Tan, has already accomplished so much!

Besides being a social media influencer, she runs her own social media agency, prim + perfect. As the founder and strategist at prim + perfect, she offers creative direction, styling, influencer marketing and content creation services for fashion, beauty and food brands in Vancouver.

Being curious about Danica’s journey, we interviewed her to learn about how she started and where she turns to for inspiration in life and style.


How long have you been an influencer for and what inspired you to get started?

I’ve been in the industry since I was 16 years old! After winning a local beauty pageant, I started modelling. Later on, I switched over to work behind the scenes, styling models for photoshoots. After I graduated high school, I decided to start posting as @danica.tan on Instagram and share my personal style and life experiences with viewers around the globe.


Which of your YouTube videos is your all-time favourite?

My favourite YouTube video that I’ve filmed would be the Eat it or Wear it Challenge with my sister. I cried laughing, she cried laughing, my mom cried laughing. It was a blast.


As a fashion blogger, where do you draw your style inspiration from?

My top three sources of inspiration for fashion are: my mom, social media and celebrities. I get my quirky sense of style from my mom. In terms of following the latest trends, I rely heavily on social media and celebrities to show me what’s current or up-and-coming.

What does “style meets comfort” mean to you?

I always tell my viewers that I’m all about comfort. SKYE allows me to look good AND feel good—unlike when I wear other luxury designer shoes which seriously hurt!


Walk us through what a day in your life is like.

I’m self-employed and work from home, which is amazing because it allows me to spend more time with my family and my two pups. Although I work from home, my days are packed and mostly unpredictable.

Each of our shoes is named after a neighbourhood in Vancouver. Which neighbourhood in the city best represents who you are?

I’m from Richmond and I love it! I recently moved to the Terranova area, but grew up around General Currie which would be my pick for the neighbourhood I most identify with. It’s very family-friendly, quiet and filled with dogs EVERYWHERE! I still pass by it every time I pick up my sister from school. General Currie is home. 

What are some your favourite spots in the city?

I hang out in Olympic Village once a week whenever I visit Hootsuite HQ. Olympic Village has that industrial neighbourhood charm. Plus that’s where both Glory Juice and Tractor are located which is an automatic win! Haha.

Any advice for anyone who’s interested in becoming a fashion a blogger or YouTuber?

It’s really easy to sell your soul to the industry. Surround yourself with those who continue to remind you of who you really are. Don’t be quick to follow, be quick to learn.



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