Falling for Autumn

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Autumn is more than officially here, and as much as we love the summer, we’re also pretty excited for the colourful trees and extra hour in bed. Don’t let the higher chance of rain dampen your mood (or feet)!

Here are some reasons to enjoy this season:

Colour aesthetics
The changing colours of the trees and skyline make for a perfect backdrop.
Powll Beige & Red

Jumping in leaves
Because we all have that inner child in us.


Perfect hiking weather
With the cooler weather, overheating won’t be a worry. Just layer up and enjoy the views. 

Black Rbutus

Pedicures no longer necessary
Toes will be out of sight and out of mind.

Black Lons

Sweater Weather
An exciting time for the fashion world and fashionistas alike, it’s time to take out the cardigans and even scarves.


Hot drinks
Apple cider, turmeric cinnamon lattes, and pumpkin spice everything, anyone? 

Homemade pie

Comfort food and baking
The smell of baked goods like apple pie filling the kitchen invokes that kind of inexplicable joy.

Dog in costume

Dressed up dogs
Whether it’s the cooler weather or Halloween, we love spotting dogs in cute costumes.

Tag us on social media doing your favourite autumn activity in your SKYE footwear.

Happy leaf and puddle jumping.

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