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As a “professional tourist living out of a suitcase”, Victoria Van Ness spent the last bit of 2017 in Vancouver on tour with KURIOS by Cirque du Soleil. She’s a lifestyler, travel blogger, and also a consultant that helps brands grow in the digital space. She began blogging in 2014 when she started traveling, right before she moved to New York City to work full-time in the influencer industry. If you want to know how to travel on a budget, what to pack and wear on certain trips, and minimal beauty routines, her self-titled blog is where she shares that wealth of information.

Before she left Vancouver, we had the opportunity to interview Victoria to learn more about her lifestyle, her time in Vancouver, and plans for 2018.

Your Instagram bio says that you’re a “professional tourist living out of a suitcase.” How does the Powll EL fit your lifestyle?

The Powll EL has been a complete life saver while being in Vancouver! For as much as I’ve traveled, I’ve never experienced weather quite like Vancity in the winter. Whether I was walking downtown in the rain, or navigating my way through the snow days - I always had them on. Not only are they practical for all kinds of weather, but they look good with any outfit.


We read in your blog post that you traveled to 10 cities and took off on 13 flights this year! What are some of your travel highlights of 2017?

Banff was definitely the most beautiful place I traveled to this year! To be honest, I’m not the most outdoorsy person - so I was surprised that I liked it as much as I did. I went in with lower expectations and I ended up falling in love with the scenery. I’ve recommended it to everyone who has asked where they should go to next!


Each of our shoes is named after a neighbourhood in Vancouver. Which Vancouver neighbourhood best captures who you are?

Gastown! It’s got an incredible vibe. I spend a lot of time in Europe - so the cobblestone streets remind me of places like London and Paris. One major thing for me when visiting a city is eating like a local (of course) and Gastown was filled with some of the best restaurants we ate it - like Bauhaus, Tacofino, and L’Abattoir. I work from home, which means I always need a cute coffee shop to perch up in during the day, and Gastown is home to the best of the best.


SKYE Ambassador - Victoria Van Ness (Powll EL)

Photo Courtesy: Victoria Van Ness


How would you describe your style?

Casual and edgy - yet feminine. You’ll usually find me in distressed denim, a band tee, and a pair of statement boots. But I live for the days where I can just throw on some leggings and comfy sneaks!

Who is your style icon and where do you draw your style inspiration from?

I wouldn’t necessarily say I have a style icon. I pull inspiration from other bloggers on Instagram or celebrities like the Olsen Twins or Kendall Jenner. I’m all about the chic edge.

What does “style meets comfort” mean to you? As someone who’s constantly traveling, how do you maintain a look that’s both stylish and comfortable?

Oh I have to! I live out of suitcases, so what I pack + wear is extremely selective. Everything I travel with is comfy and fashionable - or it’s just a waste of space. I try to always try things on instead of buying online. If I do shop online, I read all of the reviews for how it fits and feels, or ask around for honest opinions!

We know you’re moving to a “surprise destination” in 2018! Any hints as to where?

It’s the longest flight I’ve been on and the land of ramen!



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