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Vancouver is full of beautiful hiking locations. Whether those hikes are for the accomplished, hardcore hiker, or for the leisurely hiker, you want the proper attire to hike in style and comfort.

  1. The plaid flannel

    No hike is complete without your plaid flannel. Wear it while it’s chilly or tie it around your waist for that hipster look.

  2. The beanie

    You need something to keep your head warm during those crisp fall hikes in Vancouver. Your beanie will keep your ears warm, as well as make you look like a hiking pro.

  3. Backpack

    You have to pack your snacks, camera and water bottles somewhere. Not only can a backpack be helpful in carrying all your hiking necessities, but it also is the perfect accessory.

  4. Vest

    Wear with a comfortable, long-sleeve tee, or a sweater. Either way, you’re keeping yourself warm during a long hike in the fall.

  5. Sunglasses

    They can be aviators, wayfarers, rimless, semi-rimless or oversized. Either way, sunglasses are the perfect accessory for your athleisure hiking look.

  6. Baseball cap

    Whether it’s to hide the fact that you didn't shower that morning or to keep the sun out of your eyes, baseball caps complete your athleisure hiking look.

Nothing is better than being outdoors in beautiful British Columbia; except for being outdoors in beautiful British Columbia, in comfortable, yet fashionable clothing.

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