Culotte Pants: an athleisure trend

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The SKYE is the limit when choosing what pants to wear when you want to rock athleisure style.

Often, our go-to pants would be a pair of leggings or a pair of ripped jeans to go with our athleisure sneakers. But could culotte pants make the cut as the go-to pant to wear with athleisure shoes?

Much before Instagram fashion influencers, culotte pants were worn exclusively by French male aristocrats in the 1500s, and they became synonymous with the elite.

It wasn’t until the Victorian era that culotte pants were worn by women who were physically active riding horses or bikes; although these culotte pants were disguised as floor length skirts. May 1931 marked the first time a woman wore a noticeable divided culotte.

The early association of culotte pants with athletics makes these pants an obvious choice to wear with athleisure shoes.

How to wear culottes and sneakers:

Jean culottes and a striped t-shirt
Still use the classic jean and sneakers look, but make it more high-fashion with culotte-style pants, a bright top, and white Rbutus shoes from SKYE.



Jean Culotte Pants and Rbutus Shoes
Photo: @vonvogue 


Statement culottes with a simple top
Pair bright red culottes with white or black Lons, beige Powlls, or black or white Rbutus shoes. You can walk comfortably down the streets of Vancouver in style.

Red Culotte Pants

Photo: Marilyn's Closet 


Black culottes with a jean jacket
Dress down a pair of black culottes with a simple t-shirt and a jean jacket. Then, you can top it off with a statement shoe like the burgundy Powll.

Black Culotte Pants

Photo: StyleLovely  


Be adventurous with your pant pairings—anything can be made into athleisure fashion. Even pants that were originally worn by wealthy French men.

Athleisure Fashion Pant Pairing

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