Athleisure meets 90s skater trend this summer

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There’s a flashback to the past happening in fashion trends—and Vancouver is catching on, according to a local fashion Instagram icon. 

Meet Yvonna Chow. A Vancouver fashion icon, with 24.7k followers strong on InstagramShe’s no stranger to the laid-back, minimalist Vancouver style, in addition to the upcoming fashion trends in the city.

Yvonna Chow in SKYE Footwear “I have noticed the skater trend of the 90s emerging strongly in our fashion scene, and I love it!” Chow says.

The 90s look offers the perfect staples to have for Vancouver fashion. It can show off your laid-back style, your love for old-school pieces, but you can also dress it up with accessories to your liking. One of Chow’s favourite summer staples also fits into this 90s resurgence: overalls. 

While overalls are perfect for the fall/winter months to layer, it’s also a perfect staple this summer paired with a crop top or tee with runners, Chow notes.

The 90s trend can also be perfectly matched with a pair of SKYE shoes to complete your athleisure look this summer—which also happens to be the laid back, minimal look of Vancouver.

“SKYE runners are great because they are minimal but with great subtle detail that you can dress them up easily with pretty much anything.”

The athleisure/90s fashion trend will be perfect this summer for your walk around the seawall, shopping in Gastown and Robson, or grabbing ice cream at Earnest Ice Cream in East Van.

So don’t be afraid of the 90s flashback. Embrace the overalls, runners and crop tops this summer to complete the perfect vintage athleisure look.

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