Cleaning and Maintaining Your Athleisure Shoes

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Your favourite shoes can go through some wear and tear, and while it’s important to stay comfortable in your athleisure shoes, you want them to look good and stay clean, so you can look good and feel good.

So, here are some suggestions for cleaning your SKYE athleisure shoes:

Midsoles and Outsoles

The midsoles and outsoles of shoes typically require the same process to clean.

  1. Remove excess dirt with a soft bristled brush, like a shoe brush or even an old toothbrush
  2. Mix one part baking soda and one part laundry detergent to make a paste and apply to the midsole and outsole
  3. Take a clean, damp sponge or cloth and clean the residue from the paste mixture
  4. Dry with a clean cloth

Upper Part of the Shoe

  1. Moisten a clean cloth with warm water. Make sure to wring the cloth out so there isn’t any excess water
  2. Use the damp cloth to remove any stains, dirt or dust on the surface
  3. Spray with waterproof spray to avoid any water spots
  4. For tougher stains, soak the shoe in water with detergent before you wash

Quick Spots on the Go

Keep a white art eraser with you so you can clean the outer sole of your shoe on the go! You can get an eraser at any craft store. Simply rub the area with the dirt mark, and blow the eraser shavings away. Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser will also work to make those marks disappear. For areas on the upper part of the shoe, we suggest a Tide to Go Pen.

Fighting Foot Funk

When you live a busy and active lifestyle, you’re on your feet a lot—and sometimes that might result in smelly feet. We’ve all been there. We want you to stay comfortable, look good, and smell good.  Here are some tips for fighting foot funk:

  1. Sprinkle some baking soda or baby powder in your shoes
  2. Place a Bounce sheet in your shoes overnight
  3. Wear socks whenever possible

Washing-Machine Friendly!

If you’re feeling particularly lazy, luckily for you, SKYE shoes are also washing-machine friendly. Make sure you separate the insole from the shoe and place both in a laundry bag. For even more protection, apply a layer of repellant spray to keep in perfect condition.

Your active lifestyle deserves shoes that will be comfortable, stylish and easy to clean! Using these steps will help you stay fresh with your #feetintheSKYE.

Athleisure Cleaning Maintenance Shoes

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