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When the leaves started falling and the rain started pouring, we knew we had to come up with a shoe to combat soggy season. Looking good and staying dry is no easy task when we’re surrounded by puddles.

We hit the drawing board until we came up with innovative designs for a shoe line that is stylish and functional in the rainy months.

Introducing, the Rbutus EL and The Powll EL: a line of winterized, everyday shoes that redefine comfort, allowing you the freedom to enjoy the elements while looking fashionable.

The ELEMENTAL Series (EL) features overlay moisture protection, enhanced breathability, and are water and snow resistant. The shoes have been carefully engineered to deliver an exceptional foot and body experience.

In addition to the winterized assets, the shoes have:

  • Foam rubber outsole
  • Built-in deep gel insole
  • Airy shape-fit upper
  • Snug Loop-Lok laceless hold

Walking in slush and rain won’t weigh you down. You’ll feel like you’re walking on air.

The 2017 Fall/Winter Collection is offered in a variety of colours.

  • The Powll EL is available in Olive Khaki, Black, and Ecru.
  • The Rbutus EL is available in Navy, Slate, and Scarlet.  


The Powll EL 



The Powll EL is a modern, winterized desert boot sneaker that is the perfect transitional piece to take you from walking through piles of leaves to sipping on a mug of hot cocoa at your favourite coffee shop.   

The Powll EL is subdued, yet strong; stylish, yet comfortable. They are long-wearing shoes – defending you from the damp from morning until evening. Ideal for walking, working, dining, and shopping, the Powll EL is an everyday shoe that can be dressed up or down, worn with tight or loose pants, and will add a subtle swagger to any outfit.


SKYE Powll EL Black

The Powll EL, Black


SKYE Powll EL Olive Khaki

   The Powll EL, Olive Khaki


SKYE Powll EL, Ecru

The Powll EL, Ecru

The Rbutus EL 

SKYE Rbutus EL


SKYE’s winterized runner-style shoe, the Rbutus EL, is perfect for completing your off-duty athlete look this season. The Rbutus EL will keep your feet happy through the unpredictable weather, all day and all night. The shoe is engineered to show a little ankle, making them versatile enough for all your pants. Joggers, tights, denim, and rolled up slacks all pair well with such attractive and agreeable footwear.


SKYE Rbutus EL, Scarlet Red
The Rbutus EL, Scarlet 
SKYE Rbutus EL, Slate 
   The Rbutus EL, Slate
SKYE Rbutus EL, Navy
 The Rbutus EL, Navy
With the Rbutus EL on your feet, you’re free to roam through the puddles, making it the perfect shoe for all your everyday fall and winter activities.

The future of fall comfort has arrived – step into the season with SKYE’s innovative Fall/Winter Collection.
Shop the ELEMENTAL collection here.
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