SKYE Ambassador: Amir Arman

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He acts; he paints; he takes photos; and he makes pizza!

There’s no denying that SKYE ambassador, Amir Arman from San Francisco, is a creative man of many talents. Not only is he a self-taught artist that paints Disney murals, Amir is also a photographer, a “Screen Actors Guild” eligible actor, and a pizzaiolo with dreams of opening his own pizzeria.

Last summer, Amir travelled to Italy with our original white Rbutus to master the craft of pizza making. To provide you with some lifestyle inspiration, we sat down with Amir to find out how our original and ELEMENTAL collections fit his creative lifestyle.


SKYE Ambassador - Amir G Painting Disney Mural

Photo Courtesy: Amir Arman


Thanks for taking our White Rbutus on your travel adventures in Italy this summer. What was it like traveling with your feet in the SKYE?

My collaboration with SKYE for the initial Rbutus release couldn’t have come at a better time. I did a two week trip throughout Italy this past Spring/Summer and my Rbutus kept me from destroying my feet from all the walking we did. We were constantly on the move, hopping onto trains to head to the next city, walking a mile or two to our Airbnb’s instead of catching Uber’s so we could eat more pizza with the money we saved, waking up early and staying out late exploring all the beauty that Italy has to offer.

I would do it all again, and I definitely plan to in 2018, but I wouldn’t wear any other shoe than my SKYE’s. They were extremely comfortable, easy to slip on and off, looked good paired with my outfits, and held up amazingly - seriously, I put over 20 miles of walking on them!


Any city or travel adventures planned with your Rbutus EL & Powll EL?

The only confirmed trip I have for 2018 is to Kahului in May. Other than that the only thing I know for sure is that 2017 was an amazing year in every aspect of my life and I don't plan to slow down in 2018. So I guess, just stay tuned to see what’s going on next!


Share with us some of your favourite spots in San Francisco.

I love coffee and pizza, those are the two things that come to mind if one were to ask me what I’d like right now. I’m all around, running to auditions, castings, or go-sees throughout the city, but when I’m in the area my favorite coffee spots are Saint Frank or Four Barrel. My go to pizza is without a doubt Tony Gemignani’s ‘Pizzeria Napoletana’ in Little Italy. I had the best margherita pizza of my life in Naples, Italy at ‘Pizzeria da Michele’ so nothing will ever move me like that pizza did, but Tony’s comes close.


Who is your style icon and where do you draw your style inspiration from?

If you were to look in the photos app on my iPhone you’d see everything from outfit inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram to mood boards I’ve made for the weather, city, or my favorite article of clothing at the time. I’d like to say I draw inspiration from one person but that’s not true. My style is always changing but the thing that remains the same is that I know what looks good on me and I take advantage of that; even if I’m going grocery shopping I throw on something nice - what’s the point of owning all this clothes and not wearing it? A couple dudes I look up to for their style though include David Beckham (of course), Marc Forne, Justin Livingston, and many many more that I wouldn’t be able to name off the top of my head.


What does “style meets comfort” mean to you? How do you maintain a look that’s both stylish and comfortable?

Being comfortable but stylish at the same time for me means that I’m confident in what I’m wearing and how it looks on me. If I wouldn't wear it out I probably wouldn't wear it or buy it but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t experiment with styles. The way I maintain a look that’s both stylish and comfortable is simple: everything I buy or have sent to me from companies is something that I know looks stylish. I always have a way of switching up my outfits before I even wear it. I wake up in the morning and just know what I’ll wear that day depending on my schedule. Everything I own is comfortable but also stylish - easy as that.


 SKYE Ambassador - Amir G Powell EL

 Photo Courtesy: Amir Arman


How do the shoes from the ELEMENTAL Series fit with your lifestyle?

It hasn't started raining in San Francisco yet, but once it does the SKYE ELEMENTAL series will come in handy. They’re made to withstand the elements, hence the name, and that’s key in footwear since I’m not always going to be wearing a piece just indoors for an event or job. I’m excited to put them through tough wear this winter and see how they stand up.


What are some must-have songs on your Spotify playlist when you travel?

I have a playlist on my Spotify titled ‘Current Digs’ but it's really a mix of old and current music that I throw in there. Anything and everything. Some days I’ll feel like listening to jazz - that’s in there. Another day, classic rock - that’s in there. Some artists I’m currently obsessed with and listen to on-the-go are Finish Ticket, Amy Winehouse, Sam Smith, The Killers, John Legend, Aminé, Khalid, and John Mayer - a lot of John Mayer.




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